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It's about the Polandball meme but for everyhting existing (Countryballs, Cityballs, Planetballs, Ideologyballs, Animalballs, Plantballs, Gameballs, Companyballs etc.

Non-ball shaped things are allowed but give a reason for that eg. Signapore is a triangle because Signaporeans are good at geometry


  • No inapprotiapate things
  • No copying from other wikis
  • No spam
  • Only the below things are allowed:
    1. Countryballs
    2. Animalballs
    3. Plantballs
    4. Planetballs
    5. Ideologyballs
    6. Oceanballs
    7. Continentballs
    8. Cityballs
    9. Everything that has to do with geography
    10. Companyballs
    11. Historical Continentballs
    12. Alternate future countryballs
    13. Political Partyballs
    14. Gameballs
    15. For anything else post a message here!

Staff Applications Edit

I literaly need staff. I can't make this wiki alone. To apply for staff just send me a discord message at Bill1#2980 and include the followings:

  1. Country
  2. What you can do as staff
  3. Fandom Username
  4. Have you been staff in something else? Were you good at it?

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